You deserve to be drinking clean, fresh and healthy water

Since 1973 Dominion Water has been committed to providing the best water treatment systems and service to Northern Virginia homeowners. We are a second generation family owned business. We are so confident that we can solve your particular water problems that Dominion Water is the only water treatment company to offer a one year 100% guarantee of satisfaction.

Safe Drinking Water

You deserve to have clean water which is essential for good health.

Softer Hair & Skin

Bid farewell to brittle hair and dry skin.

We have the best solution for making your water free of impurities.

You deserve to have clean water which is essential for good health. You deserve to be able to protect your plumbing fixtures and appliances from discoloration and corrosion from water full of impurities.

Our Top Products


Several sizes available with metered and automatic Fleck valves to remove calcium hardness from your water to protect your appliances and fixtures from the build up of calcium scale and other dissolved minerals.


Our single tank Aeration Systems uses air to aerate your water naturally without chemicals to remove iron, manganese and sulfur gas from your water.


We are a small family owned business and like most family owned companies we go the extra mile to prove ourselves. We are wholeheartedly dedicated to providing our community with the best water treatment products and services. To this end we pledge the following:

  • We will be completely open and honest.

  • We will rely on the intelligence of our customers.

  • We will present the facts without embellishment.

  • We will make every effort to insure that our knowledge of water treatment technology is accurate, comprehensive and current.

  • We will be sensitive to each individual customer’s requirement for information so that they can make logical purchasing decisions.

  • We will never criticize another water treatment company.

  • We will discuss technical differences of other brands for the purpose of comparison.

  • We will obtain and install the best equipment on the market.